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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tranquil Waterfront

The waterfront was tranquil early this morning as evidence of the above picture I took while I was making my rounds. Not many people are down around the docks early in the morning making it the best time of the day for a visit.

The tug "Thuban" came into the Boat Basin at some point during the night with a small barge loaded with fuel. Not sure if it was #2 fuel or aviation fuel for the airport. #2 fuel usually comes in a much bigger barge or tanker. Here's a picture of the Thuban and the barge berthed at the fuel dock-

I spotted the R/V "Shanna Rose" about 4 miles to the east of Sankaty Head this morning. I wonder what they are researching out there. Do you suppose it has something to do with the 'Sconset erosion control project?

Two big western rigged sea scallopers came in for a short stay today. The Luso American 1 and the Casa Blanca. The Ruthie B came in during the overnight. Not sure if they caught their limit of scallops this trip. She left late this afternoon along with the other two sea scallopers.

Around 12 guys went bay scalloping today. Most never left Hussey Shoal. Word doesn't take long to get around that an area has opened up. I know two guys who were able to get their five bushel limit today. I talked to one scalloper this afternoon and he said that there's a lot of seed scallops up harbor where he fished most of the day today.

Robert B Our Company was very busy today down at the Children's Beach boat ramp. They moved the big crane, "Mantis" into position so they can finally begin building the coffer dam. AGM Marine was there as well but I'm not sure if they were working on the White Elephant property or the Children's Beach boat ramp project. I think they are working mainly in the Boat Basin and over at GHYC. There are so many projects going on at the waterfront now that it's hard to keep track of which company is doing what project.

Today's High & Low Temps
High 38.3
Low 20.8


George Hughes said...


The aviation fuel for the airport comes over in tankers on the steamboat, by JP Noonan transportation.

Martie said...

Thanks for that, George. Remember when they used to have that pipeline at the now gone Nantucket Shipyard for unloading aviation fuel?

Anonymous said...

That aviation fuel pipeline is still there at the GHYC property. Its owned by the Airport. You can see it as a yellow stripe in the photo you posted as "old shipyard," further up this page.