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Friday, January 26, 2007

Icy Waterfront

The waterfront was icy, cold and windy today. Last night the temperature dropped to 6.4 degrees. Ice formed on the west jetty as seen in the above picture.

Here's a shot taken late in the afternoon-

Even the seagulls looked miserable and cold as they hunkered way down low in the water-

This one had ice hanging off of him making it difficult to walk-

And these two swans sitting on the ice in the lagoon at Sesachacha Pond weren't going anywhere with their heads tucked under their wings-

Here's a shot of the wind whipped channel with Brant Point Light off to the right-

With the temp only 6 degrees early this morning, obviously nobody was able to go bay scalloping. The temperature never came close to 28 degrees all day today. The guys got a well deserved day off from the daily grind of fishing.

The Ruthie B and the Paul and Michelle are still in.

Looked like little if any work was done by the Robert B. Our Company today down at Children's Beach. I'm getting a little concerned that they will not make their deadline at the rate they are going. I read in one of our local newspapers that they expect to complete the project in 6 to 8 weeks. They've already been working for almost 3 weeks now. AGM Marine over at the White Elephant and Lawrence Lynch over at GHYC put a full day in working on their projects.

With the temperature being so cold today, I thought I'd see some sea smoke. I did not see any. Did anyone reading the blog see any today?

Straight Wharf Pigeon Update:
I spoke with one of the girls down at the Hy-Line office this afternoon about the pigeon. She told me that he was seen courting another pigeon a few weeks ago. He has not been seen since. I guess he's in love.

I Have enlarged the pictures I post to the blog as of today. To get an even larger view, (800X600), simply mouse over the picture and click. This method works for any picture except for the pictures in the sidebar. ------------>

Today's High & Low Temps.
High (missing)
Low 6.4


Val said...

What a picture of that seagull covered in ice. BRRRR!!! I get the chills just looking at your shots.

Hope it warms up a bit for you Martie. Keep those great pix coming.


Martie said...

Thanks, Val. It's already up to a balmy 31 degrees here on Nantucket now! Seems like a heat wave after being so cold the past two days.