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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Children's Beach Panorama

Above is a panorama shot of Children's Beach that I assembled today. It shows all the heavy equipment and machinery used for the new boat ramp project. Click on the picture to enlarge. Today they were busy building the cofferdam. It is a very slow process of lifting the steel sheathing up off the beach, swinging them in position and driving them into the harbor floor. They installed around 15 or so sections of steel today. They have a long way to go to complete the dam. At one point this afternoon, there were three cranes working in the area of The White Elephant and Children's Beach!

Click here for the website of the Children's Beach boat ramp contractor

I have never seen so many cranes here working all at once. I cannot remember a winter where there has been this much work going on around the waterfront. There are at least 6 different projects going on at once. Here's a picture of the big sections of steel they are using at Children's Beach to build the dam-

One western rigged sea scalloper "Paul & Michelle" came in and tied up on the east face of Straight Wharf today. She had two of the biggest dredges I've ever seen on a sea scalloper. They are at least 15' wide. You need a lot of horsepower to tow those things around. Most of the big New Bedford boats have huge diesel engines and have no problem towing big dredges. The Ruthie B was in today. I thought she was gone on a scalloping trip yesterday but I think she was in New Beige getting fuel.

7 or 8 bay scallopers went out today. Looks like the guys will have a day off tomorrow as the temperature is forecasted to go well below 28 degrees tonite. And it's not going to get out of the teens or low twenties tomorrow.

Today's High & Low Temps.
High 35.2
Low 25.0


Anonymous said...

Indeed, it was quite a sight down there today!..TL

Anonymous said...

Intellicast showed a low of 7*f this morning.