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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Figawi 2013

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Richard said...

There were many used condoms floating in the boat basin and on the wharves and sidewalks at the Boat Basin.People had also vomited and defecated in the bushes at the waterfront as well.Can you explain to us how and why the Town of Nantucket allows such disgusting behavior? This should be the last year for such a disgrace.

Martie said...

Remember when Nantucket celebrated Memorial Day Weekend with parades, cookouts and trips to Great Point and 40th Pole? Now we celebrate Memorial Day with Bud Light. If you dare venture down to the waterfront on Memorial Day Weekend you are met with rude, mouthy, ugly, sloppy drunks, piles of vomit, trash, Bud Light cans and the smell of urine. Sorry to say that this kind of disgusting behavior is here to stay. Do what the rest of the Nantucketers do on Memorial Day Weekend. Hide.

Richard said...

To qoute the old time Nantucketers "the off-islanders ruined the place". How right they were,and how lucky we are to have seen the best of it. As bad as it gets here now with the deluge of low class,useless[and I mean useless]morons,no figawi can take away the memories.It was paradise here.Too bad they ruined it.