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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Brant Point Beach Destruction

Early this morning I went down to Brant Point as I do every morning and could not believe what I saw. It looked like a bomb went off. The once pristine beach has been filled in with 10 feet of dredge spoils.

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Striperman said...

It was reported that it was done at the direction of the Coast Guard to accommodate the 47-footer. And, that the environmental permits will need to be issued after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Preparation for the dreaded Figawi?

Sharon said...

Do you know who did this and why, Martie?


Chip said...

I read in the Inky, that the dirt is silt from in front of the wharfs. Goal is to dredge and replenish the Brandt Point area after the years storms washed so much away. Thanks for your keen eyes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marty,
We too watch from Topsham.
That looks hideous!! I sincerely hope that that is for a really worthwhile cause!