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Thursday, December 8, 2011


During the recent blow, several draggers and one sea scalloper came in and tied up at the end of Straight Wharf. The sea scalloper was the Inspiration. I have never seen her here before. She's a big steel highline boat. These guys don't mess around. Everything is shipshape and in it's place. Looks like she tows two 16' wide dredges. I also noted that she has a bulbous bow. Look at where her winches are. Up high above the deck. And the captain has his own house in which he can control the winches while setting out and hauling back the dredges. All her windows are tinted.

I caught this buck napping recently on one of my trail cams.


m. walker said...

Saw her and her sister in Stonington, Ct. last winter. Nice boats!

Martie said...

m. walker, what is her sister's name?

Sharon said...

Very nice shots, Martie. I like the large shot of the Inspiration in your header - what beautiful light. I would love to go out on a big fishing boat like that - or even bigger to photograph sometime. Something that gets out a ways.


Richard said...

She's a rock boat,probably fishing hard botton in Great South Channel on the "purple backs",scallops with a lavender colored top shell that have a higher than average meat yield.The chafing gear on the chainbags and gooseneck rollers mean some serious hard bottom.Note the gallow frames.They swing out and get pinned in place while fishing,keeping the dredges way out away from the stern.This setup allows the Old Man to set out the dredges "on the fly",a huge improvement over setting out off the rails with a pelican hook the way the old Eastern rigged side boats did for years. Some nice!

Krunal said...

i've always boats...and these pictures are fantastic

Richard said...

Scallopers can only fish 7 handed now,compared to 9,11,13,or in some cases 15 men.Because of this regulation there are now fewer men on deck working the gear.So,the winches up alongside the wheelhouse are run by the captain instead of 2 deckhands.Its a huge safety feature,and the capt. can easily count the fathom markers going out on the wires.If you want to see the old days scalloping go on youtube and the Cape Eagle,an old schooner rig scalloper.Those were the days!

TexWisGirl said...

a sleepy fellow, for sure!

wanted to thank you for finding my blog and leaving a comment the other day! i'm assuming you found me via joe's place at massanutten trails! :)

yes! time/life/years move WAY too quickly these days! speeding down the other side of the hill now, i'm afraid! :)