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Friday, May 20, 2011

Nice Weather. Finally.

Well, I didn't think it would ever happen but it did. The weather finally broke today after over two weeks of cold, rain, fog, drizzle and ever-living gales. I was starting to lose all hope. I wonder if the pattern of the past two weeks will change. I was just starting to get used to the dreary days. I went down to the waterfront this evening to have a look. It was beautiful. Flat calm and warm. Things are starting to get busy. Boats are on their moorings and folks are milling around. It felt like summer. Here are some scenes from tonite-
While walking along the beach at Hulbert Ave this evening, I saw hundreds and hundreds of these sewer disks washed up from a sewer plant in New Hampshire. The disks in the above picture were collected on only twenty feet of beach. What a mess. I wonder if the owners of the plant are going to come here and clean up their mess. I highly doubt it.
Here's a close-up of a sewer disk on a scallop shell for size comparison.

On a side note, I'm starting to get bucks in velvet on my trail cams. I recently set up a cam deep in the eastern part of the island. Several big bucks in velvet passed through the location including this one-

And here is a video clip from my new trail cam, the Little Acorn low glow MMS. It has a feature where it will text or e-mail you the pictures it take in real time. The video below was taken a couple days ago. It shows two does and a buck in velvet at my bait pile eating apples.


Sharon said...

How sleek and pretty those deer are in the video. Wonderful!

I'm grossed out a bit by the sewer "charms". Ick...

Nice to see the waterfront again, Martie.


Martie said...

Thanks, Sharon. Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of deer. I have three cams now set up in various parts of the island. About those sewer disks, I'm still waiting for the operators of the plant to arrive here and clean up their mess all over our beaches.

Liz Seacord said...

That is SO disgusting about the sewer things! What are they exactly? I'm still so envious about your deer-friends...I never did get out to look for sheds; the snow was too deep, here - for the longest time, too! And now...ticks aplenty. But I'll pull on my high boots and get motivated. Keep up the great work, Martie.

Martie said...

Thanks, Liz. I have three trail cams and I'm getting a fourth very soon. I find it fascinating studying deer. We had no snow whatsoever last winter so shed hunting was easy for me. I ended up with 29 antlers after only 12 afternoons of antler hunting. I'm hoping to get fawns on my cams any day now as the does are ready to drop. As for the sewer disks. Not sure what they are but the owners of the plant are refusing to come here and clean up the mess they made. Brant Point and Hulbert Ave towards Jetties Beach was especially hard hit. Hundreds, if not thousands of the disks are littering the beach as far as you can see.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing


aka Beachside Cottage

Martie said...

Thank You Linda.

Richard said...

Are those sewer disks nubs or adults? I dont see a growth ring.

Martie said...

Not sure what those sewer disks are. I'm still waiting for the operators of the plant to come here and clean up the mess.

Anonymous said...

I contacted Enpro Environmental Services as directed here:

They indicated that they would come clean our beaches if asked by the Town.

I have asked a Dept head to contact them but I not know if he will.

Perhaps other calls to the Town Administration, 508-228-7255 and Enpro ,1-800-966-1102 will help.

Martie said...

Thanks for that, anonymous. Looks like the owners of the sewer plant are not taking any blame and do not plan to come here and clean up their mess on our beaches. They should own up and not wait for an invitation from the town to come here. Pathetic.