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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Back

Sorry for the long delay in posting to my blog. I will make an honest attempt to post more often in the future. Thanks for sticking with me.
I puttered around the waterfront this morning. It's starting to get busy down there. I just wish the weather would get better. Last week was pretty bad. Daily NE gales and drizzle. The upcoming week into the weekend doesn't look any better. We are experiencing a typical Nantucket spring or lack thereof. Windy and cold every day. Last year we were spoiled. From April 1 through Labor Day the weather was spectacular every single day. And it only rained 4 times the whole summer. I guess we are due for a lousy spring an summer. In any event, here are the pictures I took today-
The steel sailing vessel, Tabor Boy laying along the east face of Straight Wharf.
Workers applying product at the Rope Walk.
Tabor Boy. (note to self: get the horizon level next time!!)
Chart room on the Tabor Boy.
Tabor Boy masts.
Tabor Boy.
Tabor Boy.
Tabor Boy.
Tabor Boy.
Blair Perkins recently splashed his old girl and is ready for business.
Blair's boat, the Minke.
The big girls are starting to arrive at the Boat Basin.
Not sure what to make of this. It's a huge accident waiting to happen at the Town Pier. I would hate to be walking on this dock in the dark and fall all over this mess. And below, this little wooden launch is a permanent fixture around the waterfront.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back! It was getting a little boring around here. I hope you are planning to be around the waterfront on Memorial Day weekend to capture the true essence of how Nantucketers and their invited guests celebrate and honor the sacrifices made by the men and women in our armed forces.

Martie said...

Thanks, Dan. I will not be here on Nantucket during the Memorial Day Weekend. I will be on Tuckernuck during that time renting a house over there. I refuse to be on Nantucket during Memorial Day Weekend and the Figawi. The waterfront is a drunken mess with vomit, rude drunks and trash all over the place. Nantucketers stay the hell away from town and the Docks during Figawi. It's disgusting.

Sharon Van Lieu said...

So good to see a post from you, Martie. That last little boat is a favorite of mine. I just like the looks of it.


Martie said...

Thanks, Sharon. Yeah, that little boat is a favorite of mine, too. You can see her at the floating part of the Town Pier now. And all during the summer, she's in a slip on Straight Wharf opposite the gazebo.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!


Richard said...

I was on the town pier Sat.,the first in a long time.What a mess.The abandoned outboard is a deathtrap waiting to happen and there are quahog shells a foot thick in places.Also,why are there scallop boats still there with their gear a rusted mess.Then the abandoned dragger Ruthie the end! I too will be on Tuckernuck Memorial Day weekend.It makes me sick to see how the off-islanders trash the waterfront.I miss the old summer people,the old money types.They had class and we respected them.These new money people are loud,classless drunks.See you up Tuckernuck!

Martie said...

Linda, thanks for the welcome back.
Richard and Dan, great comments! The Figawi is the worst thing to ever come to Nantucket. There was talk one year of having it banned. Too bad that never happened. The only thing Nantucketers can do is leave the island when the Figawi is here or stay as far away from the waterfront and town as you possibly can. Too bad we lost our island to those jackasses on Memorial Day Weekend. It's sickening.

Trish said...

Hey Martie,

I'm glad to see you back. Hope to come visit the Island soon and I promise not to be rude or trash the place.

Anonymous said...

I too will get out of Dodge that weekend.Memorial Day used to be cookouts at Great Point,the arrival of the bluefish and lilacs blooming.We loved it and looked foreward to the day.Now we leave our beloved island,Figawi has become a drunken rape of the place and I refuse to watch,the town fathers should hang their heads in shame for allowing it.How well I remember the story of one of the classless drunks walking into a Main St. mansion and demanding of the lady of the house where the hell is the bathroom.Dan and Richard are right-so many of the people coming here now really are lacking class and respect.But,they learned from the best-their parents.