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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Accident Waiting to Happen At The Madaket Pier/No Buoys In Madaket Harbor/Sewer Disks Littering All Our Beaches

There is an extremely serious issue at the boat ramp in Madaket. Several holes have formed over the past few weeks in the asphalt along the front edge of the dock. These holes are approximately two feet deep. If you are not careful, you will fall into these deep holes and break your ankle or leg. Someone was nice enough to put a small piece of plywood over one of the holes. I am not sure why the Town will not fill in the holes. It's a serious accident waiting to happen.

And another thing, there are no aids to navigation in Madaket harbor, Eel Point or on the way to Tuckernuck. I am not sure why the Town has not put the buoys in yet. This past weekend was Memorial Day Weekend. Several people who own houses on Tuckernuck went over there on the weekend to open their houses for the summer season only to learn that there were no buoys marking the channels and sandbars. It was very foggy every day out there. It would have been nice to have all the buoys set before the weekend.

One more thing, I spent the long Memorial Day Weekend on Tuckernuck Island as far away as the Figawi mess as I could. While walking the beaches there, I noticed those sewer disks from the plant in New Hampshire littering the beaches as far as the eye could see. They were everywhere especially on the south shore beaches of Tuckernuck. This is a disgrace. The owners of the sewer plant in New Hampshire where the sewer disks originated have no plans of coming to Nantucket to clean up their mess.

Here are a couple of pictures of the holes in the dock at the Madaket boat ramp-

Buck Of The Week:
I set up one of my trail cams deep in the eastern part of the island recently. The bucks are just starting to come into velvet. Their antlers are growing rapidly. I'm documenting this big guy's antler development over the summer with my cam. He looks to be a bruiser.

I thought the picture came out nice of this doe-

And finally, check out this video of an angry doe kicking another doe. I set up one of my cams over a pile of fresh cut macintosh apples last night. I get a lot of deer kicking and fighting on my cams. Never a dull moment out in nature.


Sharon Van Lieu said...

Why doesn't New Hampshire have to clean that mess up??? Looks like the sewage company should do that.


Martie said...

Sharon, it looks as though the sewage company has no plans of coming here and cleaning up their mess littering all of our beaches. If you go to the beach, be very careful where you step.

Richard said...

The sewage company from New Hampshire should come here and use the abandoned disks as fill for the Walter Barret pier's holes!

Martie said...

I was talking to an old Nantucketer about the holes in the Madaket pier, no buoys in Madaket Harbor yet and the sewer disks littering all of our beaches. He had a good point. He said if Nantucketers ran this town, none of this would ever be allowed to happen. said...

Good post! I'm not surprised that the sewer company isn't responding. No one has gone after them and NH isn't interested in taking care of their own mess.

Thanks for alerting us to the hazard(s) at the Public Landing. What do you think Walter would say about this?

Martie said...

Walter Barrett would have NEVER allowed those holes to go unfilled for weeks and weeks. He would have told the town to take care of it immediately. He is rolling in his grave now seeing all of this.

Richard said...

I will try to keep this as short as I can-when Walter Barret ran the Tuckernuck Yoho Service,he marked the shoals and channels from Hither Creek to Tuckernuck himself.The markers were crude affairs constructed of cork and styrofoam floats lashed to bamboo highflyers with aluminum muffin tins for radar reflectors and milk crates of concrete for anchors.Not too fancy but they kept the "Norma May" off the shoals just fine.Walter and Georgie Andrews would set them and keep them in repair.I think Nantucket was a better place when locals ran it with common sense and no money,a bamboo pole with a muffin tin is better than no bouy at all.I miss seeing George at the helm and Walter on his tall stool,the "Norma May" rolling along at 6 knots.