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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nub War Update 4

Here's the latest on the nub war. There was an emergency meeting last night with the scallopers, SHAB, the selectmen, the Marine Department and the State Biologist. A proposal will be brought to the Division Of Marine Fisheries tomorrow. The proposal will ask that the scallopers could take a scallop no less than two and a half inches from the hinge to the top of the shell. The scallop must have a raised annual growth ring as well. Any scallops that do not meet those criterias must be returned. This is good news for the fishermen. We will learn our fate sometime tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Almost. What was said is that if the scallop has a growth ring great than 10mm, it does not matter what size it is, anything is fair game.
The 2.5 inch minimum size only applies to the nubs, or scallops with growth rings less than 10mm.

Martie said...

Thanks for the clarification, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great compromise. It is very similar to the rules for taking clams. The change will provide plenty of spawn(if it survives the water quality in the spring), but also allows for a fishery this winter. As an aside, who came up with the 2.5 inch rule?


Anonymous said...

As the scallop is a fragile resource that needs human intervention to survive, doesn't it make sense to allow the nubs to go about their business and secure the future industry. Why gamble every season, let the scallop regenerate for one year. The scallop will go the way of the Tuna and Real Estate will be the only trade left on the island. I feel bad that some people are forced to struggle, maybe the town should establish a fund derived from property sales to support the "true-scalloper" that is impacted from these lean harvests.

Anonymous said...

Great site!
Save the Nubs!