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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Eve Of Commercial Scalloping

Well, everyone is just about ready for the big day of the start of commercial scalloping tomorrow. The nub issue was the talk of the waterfront today. We will learn our fate on that issue after the SHAB meeting on Tuesday, November fourth. I was down at the docks today and grabbed a few pictures.

Scallop boats all lined up and ready to go on Straight Wharf-

Kirby Jones in for the season-

Marina Finch and her new (to her) 23' Sea Ox. Marina used to run a little Grady White. Her new Sea Ox is a huge step up for her-

Bob Rank in his Aquasport-

Jake running his and Freddy Holdgate's Pogo boat-

Jake and Freddy hauling out after a sea trial-

Putting in at Children's Beach-

Smitty patching dredges-

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