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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

22' Tripp Boat

I've always been a big fan of the 22' Tripp Boat. Years ago, they were very popular as a bay scallop boat. There were several of them in the fleet. I remember Karsten Reinemo owned one as well as Jimmy Garnett, Peter Eldridge and Henry Wasierski. Howie Whelden still fishes out of one now.

I spotted one out at Madaket Marine the other day. She used to belong to Wiggles Coffin. She has been beautifully restored by her current owner. New deck, paint, etc. Here's a picture of her. Click on the picture for a larger view-

Click here for information on Tripp Boats


Anonymous said...

JC did all that work.

Martie said...

Thanks, cap.

Anonymous said...

Wiggles must be smiling.

Martie said...

Wiggles caught a lot of scallops in that old girl.

Rebecca said...

She could be seen in front of Doubleday's. The last time I saw him in it was sunset on the East side of the West jetty watching the Pops a few years ago.