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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Trip To Tuckernuck

I took my boat over to the island of Tuckernuck today. I haven't been over there in about 25 years! Things haven't changed much out there. It's still too shallow for me.

Using the chart plotter-

Walter's Pier-

Flats fishermen sight fishing for stripers-

Bam's Boathouse-

Houses along the eastern shore-

A house on the north shore of the Island-

This big buoy came all the way from Great Round Shoal Channel and ended up on the beach at Tuckernuck-


Anonymous said...

Good thing you decided not to set foot on the island. If you had, you would have been yelled at by the islanders that feel they are privledged and you shouldn't be traversing their property and then you would have been carried off by the official Tuckernuck bird, the greenhead.

Martie said...

Dan, I believe Tuckernuck is all private property.

Anonymous said...

Almost all, but not quite.

Anonymous said...

Correct. Map 96 Parcel 4 contains the firehouse and is owned by the Town of Nantucket. Giving all of us the right to pass over the Ways there, I contend.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the Coast Guard is going to send one of their helicopters out to the island to pick up the bouy?
Heck, wonder if they even know it is there!

Anonymous said...

The buoy is too heavy for their choppers and there is nothing in anyones buget to get a sky-crane out there.