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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Has Finally Arrived

After an endless Summer, Fall has finally arrived. The Waterfront is typically very quiet this time of the year bit if you poke around a little, you will find something going on.

The Nordic Tug, Tootsie coming into the Boat Basin-

An almost empty Boat Basin-

Working in the rigging of a sailboat-

The ever present dock dog. Does anyone know his name? He's usually riding in a golf cart on the docks with his owner-

The Miss China sitting level now-

A bay scallop boat in the Boat Basin ready for another year-


Jake said...

Are those hydraulic pot haulers in place of a donkey?


Martie said...

A donkey actually runs the pot haulers. I believe Blair Perkins was the first scalloper to use pot haulers on his old wooden inboard boat, "Old Squaw."

Anonymous said...

Yes. Contrary to what it says in that Nantucket Scallop Book, I was the first to use pot haulers to bring the dredges up to the boat fast. They also allow you to use longer and thinner line to reduce catenary in stiff currents and fish deeper water without the dredges lifting off the bottom, reducing efficiency. The system can be made more efficient even more, but i haven't had time to improve on it yet. Soon, except for a few stubborn old-timers(; >) ), all the boats will have made the change, much like donkey's replaced hand-hauling. I still use a center "cat-head" which runs on the same hydraulic power- pack that runs the haulers.


Anonymous said...

Is that George Bassetts Dog? I seem to recall it running around the docks of the Basin with George or one of his family members

Martie said...

No, It's not Bassett's dog. A guy who works for the Boat Basin owns him.

Anonymous said...

The dog's name is Killington, and a good dog he is...T

Martie said...

Thanks for that, Tobey. Yeah, a good dog which is VERY attached to his owner!