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Saturday, October 20, 2007


An interesting old wooden boat came into the harbor late this afternoon. Her name is Tracker and she's from Vineyard Haven-

The beautiful fall weather is still with us. Here's a couple of shots I took one early morning this week down at Brant Point-

The Miss China and the Shearwater resting on their moorings-

Straight Wharf in the setting sun-

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Anonymous said...

I was off-island today. It is comforting to be able to check on the status of my boat through your fantastic blog. Thanks Martie. I see the China Seas has not turned into the "derrelict", enviornmental disaster, Exxon Valdeze, that all these round-the pointer doom and gloomers thought that it would become. Now, in another forum, someone brought up the point of the "derrelict Nantucket Lightship, while it was tied up to the waterfront. What up with that? And remember the tug Pegesus(sp)when it had seen better years and was here as a "blemish" amists our fleet of "clorox bottles"?