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Friday, October 12, 2007


I have never seen a fall season as nice as the one we are experiencing now. Every day is warm and sunny. Feels like mid-July rather than mid-October.

These guys came over from the Cape last weekend and fished for stripers off of Quidnet and Sankaty. I'm thinking their boat is a Bruno and Stillman type boat. It was a little rough but the boat was taking the slop handed out to her quite well.

A big tug and barge came here early this week and tied up to Steamboat Wharf. For two days they were bringing the old standby generators from Bunker Road on trailers to the barge and lifting them with a crane onto the barge-

This big steel western-rigged sea scalloper was seen at the Town Pier recently. Her name is Foremost. Notice the captain's cutting house with the two chutes-


Anonymous said...

That tug is the Miss Yevete (might be off on the spelling) She is owned by a man in Bourne, Mike Hallem, who you might have seen before on the news. He was the guy who got his shirt riped open in the fight durring the Boston Pops last winter at Symphony Hall.

Martie said...

Interesting. I did not know that. Thanks for that, cap!