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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nice Day To be On The Water

I took the above clip this morning from my scallop boat. It was a nice day to be out on the water. Warm and glassy calm. And there was a lot of scallops to be had.

Here's a shot of Brant Point Lighthouse in the early morning-

And here is a view of Town from the harbor-

This is the guy from the above video clip. Notice the gull on his bow waiting for fish and crabs that were caught in the dredges to be thrown to him-

This is the gull who rode along on my boat all morning. He was well fed-

Any pictures posted on this blog can be enlarged by clicking on them.

10 of us were out there today scalloping. I was able to get 4 bushels. Not bad for the end of February. I know a few guys got their full 5 bushel limit a few times this week. I noticed a fair amount of seed scallops out there today. The price paid to the fishermen is still holding at $17 per pound.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Martie, thanks again for the scallops! They're gonna happily grace my skillet tomorrow....

And send over any photos you'd like printed. I have 8x11 paper as well as that large stuff, and matte paper as well.


Martie said...

You're welcome for the scallops, g. Thank you for taking me up in your airplane to see the Muskeget seals. And thanks again for the prints! I will definitely consider using your service in the future.

Anonymous said...

Nice day to the east offshore, as well. Couple of left-over "haystacks" popping up in the shallow spots along Bass Rip, but mostly light winds and seas.

Saw a bobcat picking up coir bags and debris up and down the east shore out to Great Point. At least they are keeping their word on picking up.


Martie said...

Yeah, I saw you headed out Blair while I was working the scallop grounds. I wondered where you were headed. Good to know they are cleaning up the mess on the east shore. Can you imagine what the debris field will look like after a really big storm?