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Friday, February 23, 2007

Finally Some Boats!

A few boats came in last night and this morning to finally break a long streak where there has been none here for a long time. The usual suspects, all three Vila Nova do Corvos and the little western rigged, Madi J. were here. But there was one boat I have never seen here before. Her name is Beachcomber-

At first I thought she was a Coast Guard boat with her orange markings. As I got a closer look, I found out she is a sea scalloper. Her home port is Key West, Florida! I wonder if she was originally a shrimp boat.

It was good to see these boats back here. It was getting rather quiet down around the docks lately although the Vila Nova do Corvo and the Rainmaker were in here for a brief stay this past Tuesday.

Here's a picture of the western rigged dragger, Rainmaker that blog reader, Barb shot this past Tuesday morning. Thanks for the great picture, Barb! Notice that her wheelhouse is encased in ice with the exception of the radar antenna-

Work on the new Children's Beach boat ramp is going along nicely. I was down at the site on Wednesday and noticed they were building the base and the sides of the new ramp. Next step should be the pouring of the concrete slabs. Here's a picture of the work thus far-

I'm thinking that the rate they are going on this project that they will have no problem meeting their deadline.

If you haven't been down around Grey Lady Marine lately, save yourself a trip. It is a mess. I compare it to a war zone. Work has almost come to a complete stop. Not sure what the hold up is.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about the Beachcomber paint job. Do you think she is painted up to look like a USCG vessel on purpose? Maybe its to keep pirates away. I would think the feds would regulate that a boat cannot be painted this way as to possibly impersonate the USCG.

Postscript: That top photo would make a mighty fine Christmas greeting card!


Anonymous said...

Nice pic of our home , Martie!
Roz & Bob