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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Headin' Back Out

All the sea scallopers that came in yesterday headed right back out late this afternoon as soon as the wind laid down. Above is the Vila Nova do Corvo about to round Brant Point Lighthouse on her way out. And here is a shot of her steaming down the main channel-

And finally as she was passing the green light at the end of the east jetty-

I got a chance to talk with the captain of the sea scalloper, Beachcomber before they left this afternoon-

He told me that they were heading down to the vicinity of south channel to fish tonite. The south channel is about a six hour steam south east from here. He said there are plenty of scallops down there but they are on the small side. On March 15th a closed area off New Jersey called the Elephant Trunk is scheduled to open. The captain said he's going to leave the area he's been working lately and head down there. When a closed area is opened up, several boats fish it and do really well. This always drives the price paid to the fisherman way down.

I have noticed more and more Old Squaws (ducks) in and around the Boat Basin the past few weeks. Today I counted 7. I have never seen these ducks so close to land before. There were also the usual Eider Ducks, Mergansers, Black Ducks, Buffleheads and Loons to be seen in the Basin as well.

Today's High & Low Temps.
High 36.7 (unconfirmed)
Low 16.9

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