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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Charging Out To The Scallop Grounds

8 guys and one girl went out scalloping today. 7 in Town and 2 in Madaket. I know of one guy getting his 5 bushel limit today. The rest got anywhere between 2 and 4 bushels each. Not bad for a lean year at the end of February. Above is a picture of a scalloper charging out to the grounds this morning. The fishermen I chatted with today reported to me that there is a lot of seed showing up. Commercial bay scalloping ends March 31.

If you want to see part of Brant Point Coast Guard's rescue vessel fleet up close, take a stroll down Commercial Wharf. About half way down you will come upon two small rescue boats. Here's pictures of them-

The tug, Thuban, was at the fuel dock in the Boat Basin with a barge of fuel this morning.

AGM Marine has left the job at the White Elephant and have moved over to the Steamship Authority dock. They are working on the south slip there. I think they are revising the slip to accommodate the new fast ferry which is due to arrive here soon.

Work on the new boat ramp at Children's Beach is moving right along. The concrete slabs have not been made yet.

Work over at the Great Harbor Yacht Club has slowed way down. Looks like someone is making forms there for a foundation. Lawrence Lynch has not been there working for a long time.

There is always plenty of bird life to see around the waterfront. Today I spotted this Common Goldeneye off the east face of Straight Wharf-

And while I was out in Madaket, I spotted this Great Blue Heron at the edge of the marsh waiting to catch a meal-

Today's High & Low Temps.
High 39.2
Low 23.2

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