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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Barge Dogs

The tug, Charleston, arrived at the Steamship Authority docks early Wednesday morning with barge loaded with sand. I spotted two dogs sitting on top of the pile of sand as seen in the above photo. They had their own mini playground on the barge. No need for the owner of the dogs to let them ashore to run around. Here's a closer shot of the dogs-

Never a dull moment down at the waterfront.

So the consensus of the readers of the blog is that all but two of you like the new template. I'm still tinkering with the fonts and colors and eventually I want to create my own template with a picture I took of the waterfront. Look for that in the future. Thank you for your comments in the comment section.

Seven or eight guys went out scalloping today. They have been enjoying fine and calm weather the past three days in a row. Very rare to have three calm days in a row for this time of the year. I know of one guy getting 4 bushels today. Not bad for March 1.

All three projects around the waterfront were in full swing today. AGM Marine has left the south slip of the Steamship Authority and moved their operation to the White Elephant where they are rebuilding the docks there. Robert B Our and company was hard at work at the new Children's Beach boat ramp. And Lawrence Lynch was busy at their job site in front Sayle's Seafood.

Looks like the weather will take a turn for the worse tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hula and Lyle saw today's blog entry and want to know why they don't have their own barge! Can you imagine how much fun burrying and then finding bones and balls would be? They like that the dogs barge is posted "No Smoking".

How much would a mooring cost for a sandfilled barge for the boys with a little cabin on board for me? The harbor does have wifi, right?


George said...

Ok dumb question of the day: why do we have to barge sand to Nantucket?

Martie said...

Good question, George. I'm not sure if it was actually sand or hardener. I'm thinking it may have been destine for the 'Sconset Bluff?? I don't know.

fishon said...

The sand pits here have become more valuable as residential lots.

I'm pretty sure that it is sand, not hardner. My guess is that it is destined for the Sconset Bluff, but it could also be for a septic system or concrete.

Either layout is good by me. It's really the quality of the content that I like.