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Monday, January 29, 2007

Rough Waterfront

It was a rough day around the waterfront today. I took the above picture this morning from Jetties Beach looking west. There is still some ice in the harbor especially around the south part towards the creeks and up in the head of the harbour. Here's what the ice field looked like today in the head of the harbor-

Nobody was able to go out bay scalloping today. The temperature never made it up to 28 degrees by 10 am. Right after 10 it went up to 30-34 and held there for the rest of the day. Another day off for the fishermen. These guys are itching to get back out on the water and resume fishing.

No draggers or sea scallopers were here today with the exception of the Ruthie B. Not sure when she'll be able to get back out again and make a trip. Seems she's only making one trip per month, if that.

Work resumed down at the new Children's Beach boat ramp today. They had to raise the platform on the beach that the crane, Mantis, was using. The platform they built last week was underwater this morning. I talked to Dave Fronzuto this afternoon and he said they are right on schedule with the project.

AGM Marine is busy rebuilding the bulkhead in front of the White Elephant. And the GHYC (Great Harbor Yacht Club) project is moving right along.

One of my daily stops around the waterfront is Brant Point. Here's a shot of the Brant Point Coast Guard dog you've all seen wandering around down at the station-

I've always wondered what they named him. Does anyone know?

Here's a shot of the lighthouse taken during the fading afternoon sunlight-

Today's High & Low Temps.
High 33.8
Low 23.5


George Hughes said...

Hi Martie,

His name is Shackles.

Martie said...

Thanks for that, George. He doesn't looked shackled to me whenever I see him. He pretty much has free range of the property down there on the point. Remember the old CG dog that lived there? I think he was 17 when he passed on.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's named after the Antarctic Explorer, "Shackleton."

Postscript: "...fading afternoon sunlight" nice photo : )