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Monday, December 25, 2006

New Guys On The Harbor

Here's a picture I grabbed of the new boat and her crew that I spotted last week out scalloping. It didn't take me long to get the scoop on the boat and the crew. The two guys are working hard, staying out all day long. They are doing pretty well even though it's not such a great year.

I went out scalloping today and was all alone for the most part. There was one other boat about a mile away from me. It was nice to fish alone for once. Was able to get a last min. Christmas present for a family member in the form of 3 pounds of fresh scallops. While I was dredging away, I noticed a fair amount of Buffleheads. These are small black and white ducks. I also spotted a few Mergansers and Brant. I did not see one Eider Duck, though. I wonder where they all went the past few years. The Brant are interesting ducks. When they see a boat scalloping, they fly over to it and land downwind. As the scallop dredges stir up the eelgrass, it comes to the surface. The Brant feed on the eelgrass. There was a flock of Brant around my boat today getting a free meal. They make a weird croaking noise when they are feeding. Always something going on out there!

Took a ride out to 'Sconset late this afternoon to attend to a few house caretaking duties. I spotted what appeared to be a whale carcass floating in the water about one and a half miles from the beach. As I trained my field glasses on it, I could see gulls landing on it. They looked to be feeding on it. At first I thought it may be a weather balloon which had gone astray and landed in the water but it looked more like a whale. It was grey and black in color. And I don't think that gulls would be feeding on a weather balloon. The object was slowly drifting south towards the Tom Nevers area. I wonder if this will eventually wash up on one of our beaches or continue to drift around out there. I'll look around for it after work tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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