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Friday, December 29, 2006

Nantucket's Youngest Bay Scalloper

I was able to grab a picture of the youngest commercial bay scalloper today. He's only 18 years old. I remember when I was just starting out bay scalloping, I didn't have the luxury of power hoist. I hand-hauled all my dredges. Back then, (late 70's and early 80's) I was only getting $4.50 per pound for my scallops. Today the fishermen are getting $17 per pound. Kids these days have it waaaaaay to easy. ;^)

It's true, the price paid to the fishermen for bay scallops is $17 now. I have never seen it that high.
The price the sea scallopers are getting is $11 for 10 counts. (ten scallops to the pound).

The Ruthie B is still out sea scalloping. I imagine it was quite sloppy where they were fishing today. They are going two handed, Blount and a deck hand. The mate has moved to Costa Rica for the Winter.

The usual suspects were out scalloping today. It wasn't too comfortable out on the water with the strong north wind and temps in the thirties. $17 a pound gives the guys a little incentive to go out and fish all day long for two or three bushels.

I thought work was supposed to start already on the new Children's Beach boat ramp but I have not seen any activity down there yet. I'll check into it.

Dead whale update: I went looking for it this morning but could not locate it. I noticed a vehicle here from the New England Aquarium.

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