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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Scalloping On A Cold And Windy Harbor

I shot the above video clip from my boat two years ago.

Dead whale update: I was finally able to see the dead whale up close this morning. It was between Hoicks Hollow and Sesachacha Pond. I was going to take a little video clip and post it here but it was about twenty feet out in the water and not much of it was visible. One of our local television stations has a nice video program of the whale taken on Wednesday.

Seven or eight guys went scalloping today. Some of these guys go every day and are having a pretty good year. With the price at $17 per pound now, two or three bushels is a good days pay. There really is no hot spot out there. They are spread out all over the harbor between Hussey Shoal and the flat off of the east side of Pocomo. Third Bend seems to be producing the highest amount of scallops this season.

The Ruthie B is leaving late tonite for a sea scalloping trip. I hope they are up to date with all their gear work. I'd hate to see them lose another dredge.

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