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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I've been really out of the loop the past two days. The whale I spotted floating around off 'Sconset Christmas day had beached sometime yesterday. I did not learn of this until late this afternoon. The whale was seen in the surf between Codfish Park and the Loran Station. It appears to be a Humpback Whale from talking to the people who went to see it yesterday. I wonder if someone will do an autopsy on it. I'm curious to learn how it died.

Five guys went out scalloping today. The picnic is over for them as the weather has turned a little more seasonable but still way above normal. Did anyone catch the rainbow this afternoon at 3 towards the east end of the Island?

The Ruthie B is still tied to the dock waiting for a good weather window. Looks like we won't have nice weather for a while.

AGM Marine was busy today working on the pilings for the house on Old North Wharf.

Work on the GHYC is slowly progressing. They are working on both sides of the street now.

I almost ran over the Straight Wharf Pigeon this morning with my truck. He is so big now that he has trouble getting out of the way. I wonder if he's able to fly?

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