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Monday, September 30, 2013


I spotted this interesting little vessel in the Boat Basin last week. I have never seen her here before. She's a Nord Star 24 Patriot and she belongs to the Coast Guard Auxiliary. She is home ported in Nantucket.  

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Richard said...

On your profile I saw your favorite book is "Finest Kind" about the Gloucester draggermen.The big Eastern Rig in the offshore chapters named "Joseph and Lucia II" has been converted to a scallop boat and hails from New Bedford.The original owner and captain "Tommy" Brancaleone died a few years back.He was a serious highliner,one trip he put 120,000 lbs of cod and haddock on in 3 days.He was a very hard man but extremely successful.

Richard said...

Also google "tommy brancaleone--gloucester" and read the stories of the Brancaleone family as highliners year after year.Its hard to believe these people came from Sicilyspoke no English and in a few short years outfished everyone.That's hard work and determination.