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Friday, June 28, 2013

Time Flying By

Next week it will be the Fourth Of July. After that, summer will be more than half over much to my delight. Nantucket is unlivable from now until Labor Day. The crowds and rudeness is out of control. I'm looking forward to the middle of winter when we can have our island back. I still go down to the waterfront early every morning and see what's going on. Here are a few scenes from a few of my latest visits.

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Christy Lee
Sea Owl

The mate on the day boat, Sirius

Dog catching bees in a planter

Toscana unloading gravel at Steamship Wharf
A quiet Boat Basin
Grey Lady
Grey Lady
Town Pier
Town Pier

Straight Wharf

1 comment:

Richard said...

The tourists remind me of the lemmings in the Arctic.They all try to escape crowds and come to Nantucket,yet they develope into the very crowds they are trying to escape,in doing so they create crowded conditions and unbearable traffic.I find them so dull-witted and boring,truly exhibiting a herd mentality.Hang in there for a few more months and we will be at our culling boards once again,they will be stuffed back in their office cubicles.