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Monday, November 12, 2012

Commercial scalloping Week Three

The commercial scallop season continues to grind along. The bad thing about this year is there is no eelgrass. So the seed scallops and the adults end up on our beaches every time it blows hard. My thinking is that until the eelgrass makes a return, no more seed scallops should be raised and put into the harbor. Here are a few pictures I took today of part of the fleet working this morning-

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos, like the of four people on a boat!
The 78" footer Ruthie B heads out with two.
So there's still lots of pocket of seed washing up.we threw a bunch back today all along Shimmo.
Dave G

Anonymous said...

Nice photos today- like the one of four people on a boat. Yikes so much for the solitary life for them.
Still quite a few seed have been washing ahore.We threw a bunch back all oout of Shimmo bend