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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Commercial Scallop Season 2012

The Commercial Scallop season started today. It's not looking good. There isn't a lot of scallops around this year. Most of the traditional places in the harbor that always held scallops are bare. And the bottom is dead and muddy. Also, the scallops are small and slunky. I will add more pictures in the days to come.

 Billy and Jeff Sayle
Smitty and friend.

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Richard said...

The heyday and banner years of scalloping are gone,and not likely to return.The Harbor bottom is either dead or dying in many places,the beautiful huge patches of healthy green eelgrass have for the most part vanished.I noticed a real dead bottom today with many dead scallops,not a good sign for the start of the season.I find it disheartening that the Town has spent millions and had several marine biologists over the years yet here we are with no answers and no solutions.Such a waste! We really are closing the barn door after the horse ran out.