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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wrecked Sailboat On East Jetty

There is a wrecked sailboat on the rocks at the east jetty. I will grab some close-ups later from my boat if she's still there.

Live video feed:

At high tide today, TowBoatU.S. successfully towed the stricken old girl off the rocks and onto the beach at Brant Point between the railway and the Lighthouse. She suffered extensive damage to her hulls. They are thinking she is a total loss. The salvagers are making plans to tow her over to Grey Lady Marine, de-mast her and haul her out of the water.

Here is the Tow Boat US Boat out of Bass River, MA and the crew who towed the sailboat off the rocks-

And here is the stricken sailboat beached and taking on water-


jared said...


She's a 36' Tri-maran. They were chatting w/ the Coasties this morning a little before 5 as I was headed out fishing. Sounds like they're going to wait for the high tide and hope to float her off. It looked like one of the hulls was across the rocks and the main hull was on them -- but I couldn't be sure.

Martie said...

Thanks for that, Jared.

BP said...

Greg has some nice shots of her on a truck bound for Wareham on the SSA over on Yack.


Martie said...

Saw those pictures on YACK. I was 30 seconds too late to grab a shot of her as they hauled her out at Children's Beach.

Anonymous said...

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