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Friday, January 9, 2009

Low Tide!!!

We've been experiencing extreme low tides this week. I went down to a very cold and windy waterfront today and grabbed a few shots.

From Jetties Beach looking NE towards the mouth of the harbor-

The harbor side of Brant Point-

Hulbert Ave looking west. Note the exposed eel grass beds-

The rock at Hulbert Ave-

Looking back towards First Point with the Miss China off in the distance-


Anonymous said...

hey martie, as a former student of mine, you,ve turned into a very fine shooter of the island scene!!! Let me know what else is going on in your life? CAPT O

Martie said...

Hey you old salt! Glad you found my blog. Thanks for the compliments. I'm still scalloping and expertly applying product. I learned from the best! See you in the Spring.

Messy Jess said...

I am so glad that I came across your blog - I was there in Nantucket from 1997-2000 and I miss it every single day. Your shots are wonderful! I think you even caught a few pictures of my old Boss's boat. I love the pictures of the town clock - I really felt like I belonged there. And I've lived in quit a few places. I especially loved it in winter - I miss everything about it. Maybe when my kids grow up I can come back and visit but for now I will just live through your blog. Do you have any pictures of cobblestone alley across from United Unitarian Church on Orange Street?