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Monday, December 8, 2008

White Elephant Dredging Project

The dredging project at the White Elephant/Children's Beach area is well underway. A deep pit was dug up on Children's Beach to accept the spoils. I'm thinking it will eventually be covered up with clean sand. After dredging the White Elephant/Children's Beach area, the dredge will move over to in front of the new Great Harbor Yacht Club at the end of Washington Street to start dredging there.

Here are a few pictures I took this morning of the dredge being used and the location of the dredged material which is being pumped up on Children's Beach-


Anonymous said...

Who is paying for this and what is the reason it is needed?

Anonymous said...

This is OK because the kids won't know the difference?

WOW! Just WOW.

Anonymous said...

Is that an SBPF coir bag wrapped up in the cutterhead?? Of course our Town officials will say there is no proving where it came from. Nothing to see here. Move along, and put that pesky camera away.

Martie said...

Not sure who is paying for the project. They are dredging in front of the White Elephant boat slips where there has been a lot of shoaling in the past years.

Anonymous said...

You think this is impressive,wait till they move over to in front of Great Harbor's new dockage.The giant suction will really vacuum the bottom,cleaning out any eelgrass,scallops other life on the bottom.What a magnificent trade,too they get to moor all those pretty sailboats on formerly town property.Does anybody else feel like the ancient"Indians".We got reamed!