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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

URGENT! RE: Commercial Scalloping

This just in:

There is chatter around the waterfront tonite. I've been hearing from some of my informants that there may be a change to the size of the raised annual growth rings on the scallops that we will be allowed to commercially harvest this upcoming season. This year, the adult scallops have a very small raised growth ring, perhaps 5 mm. I'm hearing that the powers that be are looking to only allow the fishermen to keep scallops with a 10mm growth ring and no less. 

There will be a meeting of the scallopers at the Maria Mitchell Association on Vestal Street at noon tomorrow (Wed October 22). I will be in attendance. Hope to see any concerned scallopers there.
Please get the word out. 

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Anonymous said...

Well,wouldnyaknownow.2ndday of oct,caught 45 bay's-tookem to NMB.Even then Dwayne had to look real close.About 1week latah,I gotta agood halfbush,showed 'em to areal scalloper,and dat guy tolme them alright.longas da gonad's not black esokto tek.sorry,I gotta usetheeze pidgin English fishdude6