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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nub War Update

I went to the meeting yesterday at the Maria Mitchell Association. There were 6 commercial scallopers there. Also in attendance were Robert Kennedy, Frank Dutra, Whitey Willauer and a few civilians. 

It was agreed upon that the Shellfish Association draft a letter voicing the fishermen's concerns and send it to the State Biologist, Michael Hickey. The letter to Hickey will ask him to leave things alone this season and not change any size law to the raised annual growth rings on the scallops we will be harvesting this year.

There is an emergency SHAB meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 28 to discuss all of this with Dave Fronzuto and Jeff Mercer (our new Town Biologist) along with the members of SHAB. 

If you are a commercial scalloper, please find the time to come to the meeting. 

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Anonymous said...

The thing that stinks about this is that during the recreational pre-season,there was no question.This is coming on way to late to accept,like what happens if they grow more. fishguy6