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Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Few Interesting Boats

I'm always cruising the mooring field in my boat and at Brant Point looking for unusual and interesting boats. I found a few recently.

The Espresso 3 is here from Palm Beach, Florida. She's a big and very tall vessel-

Not sure what kind of a boat this one is but she sure is salty looking! She's moored on the eastern edge of the mooring field. Notice her crow's nest-

Here's an interesting looking rig. Looks like a double ender to me.

Check out this old girl-

A catboat-

The Argonaut-

The western rigged, sea scalloper, It Ain't Easy, recklessly steaming at full throttle through the no wake zone off Brant Point-

Station Brant Point's 47' MLB heading out on a call-

And finally, a 37' Nordic Tug approaching Brant Point Light-


Anonymous said...

Martie, Martie, Martie. Were you trying to match your background to Benjamin Moore's Suntan Yellow? Do "we" need another poll? :razz: :wink:

Martie said...

Take the poll everyone.

Anonymous said...

There's a nice little piece in the inky this week in that wonderful Waterfront News column on that double ender ....

DenzQ said...

Hi Martie just happened across your site the other day and noticed you have some photos of a boat I'm interested in, The boats name is Sea Quest, you say that you don't know what type of boat it is, well I can tell you. It is a type of vessel called a Romsdal Trawler, they were built in Norway in the late '50s early '60s. I'd like to catch up with you via email if at all possible. If you happen by and read this very late comment get in touch. If you're interested in the Romsdal style of vessel make sure you check out