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Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Bay Scallop Boat/Skiff In Surf

There's a new addition to the bay scallop fleet. Captain Karsten Reinemo recently took delivery of a 25' C Hawk. He splashed her today. She used to belong to Buddy Ayers. She is powered by a 150 horsepower four stroke Yamaha outboard motor. I was down at the dock today when Karsten was tying her up and I was given the grand tour. She's a big, heavy and stable boat. Karsten has fished out of several boats in the past including a Tripp Boat and two Sea Oxes. Karsten brought the very first 23' Sea Ox boat to the Island and used it for scalloping. Albert Johnsen Jr. owns her now. They are great boats. I am currently fishing my second Sea Ox. My first one, I bought from Buddy Ayers. Here are a couple pictures of Karsten's C Hawk-

There was a bit of drama out at the west end this afternoon. There was a person in a little skiff and two divers. They were trying to retrieve some tide monitoring equipment. At one point, the skiff was stern to the surf and almost swamped. She had to be bailed out. Not sure if the equipment was recovered as I had to leave the scene early. Here are some pictures I grabbed while I was out there-

Billy Sayle's catboat decked out for Christmas-


SWS said...

Martie, this is a lovely shot, I belong to monmouth boat club in Red Bank NJ and would love to frame a copy of this for my bedroom, can I get one from you?


Anonymous said...

i thought prenny got the first sea ox in '79 for the shipyard? i bought mine right after him in '80. jan jellemey owns it now. when did karsten get his.


Martie said...

I'm almost positive Karsten brought the first commercial model 23' Sea Ox to the Island. He bought her from Dunnington Marine in Wareham, MA. Albert Johnson is still running her back and forth to Tuckernuck.