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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cold Morning

It was cold out on the water this morning. The temperature finally made it up to 28 degrees at ten to eight. The law is that you cannot fish until the air temperature reaches 28 degrees.

Heading out under threatening skies-

Vic Reed-

Ken Kelley-

Karsten and Matt Reinemo-

The hard NW gale of yesterday stirred things up a bit revealing tons and tons of scallops. It was easy fishing for me today. Too easy for this time of the year-


Anonymous said...

Judging by the background scenery, it appears that you were fishing in the area of the Horseshed. Have you noticed a difference in the eel grass near the channel as opposed to up harbor? It looks nice and green and healthy doesn't it?

Martie said...

You are a good student, anonymous!
Yes, I was fishing in the Horseshed that day. The grass is crispy green there. I have fished that area for almost 30 years now and it is far healthier than other areas of the harbor.