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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Low Tide

Very low tides lately. This guy was getting his limit of scallops in no time-

Low tide at Monomoy. Notice the eelgrass beds exposed-

The wreck, Sargent, is still there off the beach at Monomoy and is still a severe threat to navigation-

A very peaceful waterfront-

Only a handful of vessels round this lighthouse during this time of the year-


Tom McGlinn said...

How did you get this last picture of Brant Point? Airplane?


Martie said...

Tom, go down the Monomoy Road and when you come to the part where you either turn left to get to the public landing or turn right to the dead end part, turn right and look immediately to your right. There you will find your answer.

Tom McGlinn said...

Got it! Thanks.