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Sunday, November 18, 2007


I spotted an interesting old boat in the Steamship Authority parking lot this afternoon. After talking to Chris (Floppy) Fuller, I learned that she was used as a launch by Peter England years ago. After that, she sat in John Austin's yard up on West Chester Street for several years. Does anyone know what she was used for before she was a launch? Here are a few pictures. Notice the trailer she's resting on.


Anonymous said...

That looks like the Motor Surfboat built for the Coast Guard in the 1930's... Barb

Go here for details:

G Hughes said...

Hi Martie,

Went by Jon Austin's home today, and his boat is still there. So, this is from somewhere else.

Martie said...

Thanks for that, George. It's still a mystery as to where this surfboat came from. I was told that someone saw her on the Polpis Road the other day being trucked into town.

michiganlights said...

I was searching today for surfboats and found these photos. This is my boat. This is a former Coast Guard 26 foot motor surf boat from the early 1930's. It originally served in Chicago, then was a sea scout boat for Michigan City, IN. then was taken to Nantucket where it was stored for a number of years and then I happened to get it. It is 100% restored now to original Coast Guard specs and in the water running. It took a few years, but she is a beautiful boat. I am in Michigan.

michiganlights said...

Here is my e-mail if you need to contact me.