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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Commercial Scalloping. Week Three

Week three of the commercial bay scallop season is nearly over. There is still a huge amount of scallops out there to be harvested. The guys are getting their limits in record time, usually in one or two tows. Word around the shanties and docks today was that they are thinking of increasing the limits to six bushels for a single limit and twelve bushels for a double limit. I am against this idea. I say leave things alone. There is also talk about opening up Second Bend to fishing. The bend is closed now and off limits to the fishermen because it is being used as a seed sanctuary.

Here are a few pictures I grabbed this morning out on the grounds.

Angus on a good tow-

Part of the fleet working an area up harbor-

Captain Jack Dooley and Shamus-

Jan Jelleme and Lee Busky-

Scallops on my culling board after a good tow-

While I was headed out early one morning this week, I met this tugboat rounding Brant Point Lighthouse. It was one of those rare mornings when it is flat calm and quiet-

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