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Sunday, August 5, 2007


Interesting weekend around the waterfront. The schooner, Harvey Gamage, was here for a short stay on Saturday. I missed a shot of her rounding Brant Point under full sail as she was leaving. Here is a picture of her on the hook-

Click here for info and specs on the Harvey Gamage.

The western rigged dragger, It Ain't Easy, unloaded it's entire catch at the Town Pier late Saturday afternoon. I counted at least 40 totes of lobsters and 30 totes of miscellaneous ground fish. Some of the lobsters were enormous with big barnacles on their shells.

Here's a close up of the lobsters-

As soon as the crew was finished offloading their catch, they left the dock and headed towards Brant Point at full throttle in the no wake zone. I was at the end of Straight Wharf as they blew past me throwing up a huge bow wake. Very reckless on the captains part to say the least.

Father, son and their Laberdoodle dog wharf fishing at Straight Wharf-

An old sailboat always makes a nice planter-

This boat name caught my eye-

As well as these nine flags lined up along the waterfront-

The fuel tanker, Great Gull, as she is steaming down the main channel-

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