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Monday, July 9, 2007


Some pictures from Sunday, July 8.

The Shearwater coming back from a whale watch trip.

Captain Tobey on a harbor cruise.

Captain Bob and his new boat.


F/V "Pedlar." I've always liked her lines.

UH-OH!!!!!! A dog on a public beach! We can't have that!! Actually, this little dog was better behaved than most of the adults and kids at this beach.

Next thing you know, the Town of Nantucket will ban all dogs from boats.


Anonymous said...

Throwin' a little spray that day. Good trip though. Over 100 whales.

Do you think we should tell Tobey his fenders are still out?;>)

Nice shots. Thanks


Anonymous said...

No kidding! What a putz! ....T

Martie said...

Well, at least Tobey had his engines down while they were running..