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Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14

Took a ride out to Hither Crick early this morning. Always something going on out there.

Click on any picture to enlarge.

These baby ducks were the size of bumble bees!

Captain Carl Sjolund, his son, Jimmy and Tom Montgomery heading over to Tuckernuck.

I'm not a big ragboat fan but this one caught my eye today. She's moored up in East Polpis Harbor. Beautiful boat. Does anyone know what kind she is?

The Boat Basin is starting to fill up again. Here's a bow on shot of a big yacht at Straight Wharf.

And here are the big boys Med-moored at the east face of Straight Wharf.

In the event of a hurricane and you are not able to haul out your boat and have it safely on the hard, this is an excellent place to hole up. I remember years ago, Jim Gross put his old wooden inboard scallop boat, Gale Winds, in here during a hurricane.

I was in there today in my boat and wondered what the raft was used for. Anyone know?


Anonymous said...

That stretch of Polpis has changed alot since I was a kid and we used to own the house at Pimney's Point. The Crosby family bought it from my Dad. In fact I "weathered" out 2 hurricanes in that house during 1957. By the second one, my Mom just gave up, opened all the doors and let the water carry the furniture out into the marsh. :-)
Can't say that the raft was there in my day.....


Martie said...

I did not know your family owned the old Crosby house! It is in the background of the new home page picture. I hit that big old rock in front of the house with my various boats throughout the years.

Anonymous said...

Lots of nice Bass in there during May and June. At least till the bugs get bad
Ken Catch