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Sunday, May 13, 2007

West Wind

There's a new boat to join the commercial striped bass fishing fleet this summer. Captain Bob Rank splashed his boat, "West Wind" this morning. She's a 25' Downeaster boat powered by a 225 horsepower four stroke Yamaha outboard engine. Bob used to fish out of a smaller Aquasport boat also named the West Wind. Here's a picture of that boat while I was down off Sankaty back in 2001 commercial bass fishing. I came upon Bob in the thick fog fighting a big bass-

Bob has been fishing for bass commercially every summer for I'd say over thirty years now. He started out in Madaket fishing out of a B boat. He's got his new boat set up nicely with a wheelhouse he adapted to the boat himself. Here are a few more pictures of the West Wind-


Anonymous said...

Is that the same wheelhouse that was recently offered for sale on the internet???

Martie said...

No, not the same wheelhouse. I recently sold that one to a commercial scalloper. Look for it soon on a 23' Sea Ox.