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Saturday, May 19, 2007

'Nother Wreck On The Beach

Captain Blair Perkins alerted me to a wreck he saw on the beach at Moneymoy today. She was moored off the second pier all winter. We'll see how long she stays there at Monemoy littering the beach. My guess is that the owner is long gone and will not clean up his mess.

Blair also noticed that the Sargent sustained more damage over this past storm. Her house and topsides are all gone now.

Here's what the Sargent looked like at the end of this past January-

This boat has been an extreme hazard to navigation for over three years now. Perhaps it will take someone getting killed to get this wreck removed.

The Cricks down by Sayle's Seafood is always a good place to bird watch if you are into that kind of thing. Today I spotted a Great White Egret hunting for it's meal along the edge of the marsh.

I went out to Sankaty this afternoon to survey the damage to the new man-made bluff project from yesterdays storm. It wasn't too bad. Minimal damage but we never got the strong ENE winds that were predicted. There were several laborers there today filling long coir bags with sand and then sewing them up. These bags are huge and very long. Can you imagine the hazard to navigation these bags will pose when they get washed out to sea during the next storm? I am getting reports from people that several coir bags from the first man-made bluff project at Sankaty are still being washed up and littering our beaches. What a mess. And a damn shame, too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mahhhtie-
Is this coir bag image the same area of the bluff as shown in the photo lower on the page? If so, it looks like a lot more dark soil and grass has fallen from the top of the bluff. Wondering if Sankaty has lost more off the top of the bluff. Its awfully near being too close to the edge to move the lighthouse.

Anonymous said...

(PS- nice egret photo!) THANKS.

Martie said...

Yes, same area of the bluff. I noticed today while I was out there that sections of the bluff have collapsed during yesterdays heavy rain. I think Sankaty Lighthouse is safe for a few more months.

anonomonomonononymous said...

I was out there around noon and no workers they did that whole bag this afternoon. However, down below, the waves were lapping against the coir bag just behind those posts. Dunno what these folks are thinking with that coir...I'm no coastal engineer but that crap ain't gonna stop a storm from ripping the structure down again.