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Friday, May 25, 2007

Summer Is Here!

Seems as though Summer arrived today. There was a lot of boating activity around the harbor today.
My brother and his wife and little girls went out for the first time today in their boat.

The sea scalloper, Triunfo came in late this afternoon. She most likely had a trip of scallops to offload to Sayle's Seafood.

Work out at Sankaty is progressing on the man-made bluff. It is three tiers high now. What a mess it'll be out there when the next storm washes the whole project out to sea.

There is a request from the Town to keep your dogs off the beaches. I do not own a dog anymore but I do pet sit for people who own dogs. I will not adhere to this foolish request to keep your dog off the beach. And I ask whoever is reading this and owns a dog to ignore the request and bring your dog to the beach. On my waterfront rounds today, I noticed several dogs on the beaches. The dogs and their owners were all having fun. Here's a picture of a dog playing a game of fetch on Children's Beach this afternoon-

And here is a dog playing fetch at Brant Point today-

Once again, I encourage everyone to bring your dogs to the beach and simply ignore the request of the Town not to bring your dog to the beach.

Speaking of beaches, I included a button to click onto on the top left of the page and here- It's the Clean Team. Tomorrow they are going to be cleaning Jetties Beach at 8 am.
Make sure to bring your dog.

Click on the picture of Brant Point Light below-
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