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Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's A Dog's Life (At A Nantucket Beach)

Does anyone see anything wrong with these pictures??


Grant Sanders said...

Handsome canines doing what they do best.

Martie said...

So why would the Town of Nantucket have this request that they be kept off the beaches?

Smelley said...

Couple of reasons.

1. Not all dogs/dog owners are created equal. Dogs crap and it doesn't get picked up fairly frequently, but more importantly, I've never seen a single dog on the beach which was leashed, and dogs have been up and all over me and my kids several times, and I haven't even spent a summer here yet (my experience is all post Labor Day).

2. Not everyone likes dogs, some people are even terrified of dogs.

Combine a lot of 1 with a little bit of 2, and sprinkle in the fact that almost no one (I've seen probably 50 dogs on the beach, and never a single one leashed) is obeying the regulation to leash their dogs on the beach, and you come up with the "request".

In my opinion, if more (any) folks obeyed the leash law, this request would never have been made.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see anything wrong with these pictures??
Bad taste in music?

Martie said...

Yeah, I agree. I gotta work on that music.

Martie said...

You bring up some valid points. It's just that we are sick and tired of getting kicked out of places we have been going to here on Nantucket. Now we are asked not to take our dogs to the beach. I think the Town should be looking after other things besides dogs and their owners having fun at the beach. It's sad to think but eventually they will ban everyone from the beaches. Dogs and humans. In the meantime, I urge everyone to take their dogs to the beach and have a good time!

Anonymous said...

Martie said...
Yeah, I agree. I gotta work on that music."

Howzabout: "Who Let The Dogs Out?"
- Ginger

Martie said...

You know, I thought about that song but it is not included in the list on the site I used for the remix.

Smelley said...

After this post, I went to yack and read the thread on this topic, and I've changed my mind. The reality is that of the 50 dogs I've seen unleashed on Nantucket beaches, 49 of them did their thing without bothering anyone and I personally never stepped in any of the relatively few crapbombs I left on the leash.

There will always be a few people who fall outside the norm and the dogs who really are a problem off the leash are probably owned by people who aren't going to give a crap about the request anyway.