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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Children's Beach Boat Ramp

Just got back from the new ramp. It was dead low tide and there was approximately 8-10"[EDIT: 30" of water. Sorry for the confusion] of water depth in the ramp. I need at least three and a half feet of water depth to launch my boat. I don't know how this new ramp is going to be usable.



Anonymous said...

Well its not done yet, is it? Maybe it will come fully equipped with camels... or perhaps there will be daily dredging at the launch site, or a catapult will be installed.
Gosh... such a pessimist!!!
Polly Anna

Anonymous said...

The builders will probably blame the designers and visa versa, then the town will sue someone, then the whole thing will take a couple years to resolve in court. Meanwhile, we will have a huge hurricane this year and all mayhem will break out.