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Monday, March 26, 2007

Nice Morning Out On The Water

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It was a beautiful morning out on the waterfront today. I was a little late getting out to the scallop grounds and caught only part of the sunrise. Most of Nantucket is still asleep and never gets to see scenes like these.

The sun was at the perfect height as it reflected off the church steeple making it appear to be on fire.

There are still scallops to be had out there. And there is a respectable amount of seed scallops for next season. Here's a shot of a few adult scallops I dredged up in one of my secret spots. Not bad for this late in the season.

There was a good sized flock of Brant following me around all morning, feeding on the eel grass I dredged up.

Friday is the last day of the commercial scallop season. I will go once more before it's over.

As I was heading in, this scalloper was heading in as well.

Her name is Casa Blanca. She's a regular visitor here. Don't let the net reels in her stern fool you. She's not a dragger. She is currently sea scalloping. The red, western rigged scalloper, Sheriff, arrived early this morning and tied up at the end of the Town Pier. There is another small boat at the end of the Town Pier. She came in yesterday. She looks to be a pilot boat but I'm not sure. I'll investigate tomorrow.


Jake said...

Floppy and I checked out that strange pilot- type boat at the end of the TP from his marshall cat. No name, numbers or other id could be discerned....govt boat??


Martie said...

I went to check out the strange boat at the end of the Town Pier this afternoon but she was gone. I'll ask Dave Fronzuto about her when I see him again.